The Branded Photo App and Social Media Photobooth

Snapifeye's professional software is built for event and experiential marketing!


Snapifeye's iOS app includes a photographer mode and a photobooth mode and works with iphones and ipads for photo and video. You can even connect wifi enabled cameras. Users can pick between multiple branded filters for each event. Snapifeye, also has many built in features such as photo waivers, opt-in switches and data collection forms. The app is configurable from the online dashboard. This allows one person to simultaniously manage many devices and events.

Snapifeye App

Snapifeye works for photos and video


Choose one or several of our sharing options. Send customized text messages and emails directly to your fans so they can share over Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. Share a native photo over your own Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Embed the Snapifeye photo retrevial widget on your website or use one of our microsites so fans can easily get their photos. You can also use Snapifeye's live stream to display photos onsite with TV or projector.

Share through your brands social media or on a webpage


Snapifeye's management dashboard is for marketing and event professionals.
It allows one person to control multiple event simultaneously and ensure that all of your branding and messaging is on point.
With the Snapifeye Dashboard you can collect data, setup contests, create custom forms, upload branded filter and connect to social media.

Data Capture Photo Booth


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Increase Your Events Reach

Snapifeye was built primarily for its professional users. Our software includes many features designed to make it easy for you to run picture marketing campaigns. With Snapifeye you can collects data to determine fan demographics, obtain marketing opt-in and capture contact information. Our online dashboard allows you to customize the Snapifeye Mobile App and manage multiple events. Watch out video to learn more!

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Snapifeye's professional photo booth and branded photo app is designed for event marketing. Our social meida photo booth will help create shares, likes and comments related to your brand across social media channels. Whether you are an event host or sponor Snapifeye works great at all kind of events including concerts, runs, trade shows, sporting events, company parties and more. Snapifeye's social media photobooth can send videos and photos to via SMS / text mesagage, email, or through a native social media post. Snapifeye also collects data and makes it easy for you to geneate leads. Make sure to visit our pricing page to learn about out free trial.