The Best Social Media Photo Booth

Social Media Photo Booth + Branded Photo App!


Capture a Photo

Capture a photo or video with our app.

Instantly Deliver

Instantly deliver photos online.

Collect Data

Collect data, manage campaigns & build your audience.


Designed for personal use at weddings and birthdays or any event with family and friends Snapifeye's photo booth has a simple no fuss design to make it easy and useful.


Photobooth Mode
Photograher Mode
No Branding on Photos

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Easy to use app that works for iPhones and iPads


Snapifeye's Professional software platform is designed for event and marketing professionals. Snapifeye Pro inludes an App and Admin Dashboard that allows one person to configure and control multiple events.


Create and Manage Multiple Events
Photos and Video
Printing Capabilities
Custom Branding on Photos
Data Capture and Download
Photo Waivers and Opt-In Switch
Custom Text Notifications
Snapifeye Micro Sites
Native Social Posting
Embeded Photo Retrevial Widget for Your Website
and much more...

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Full Suite of Software for Marketing Professionals

The Best Photo Booth Hardware

Proven, Easy and Fun!

The Snapifeye Photobooth Hardware is compact, easy to use and affordable! Along with Snapifeye's photo booth app you can create fun interactions that your event attendees will love!

Snapifeye Photo Booth
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